Monday, October 13, 2008

Life is crazy

So it has been crazy in our house this past month. Ryan got a new job mid Septemberish and then got laid off last week. He has been actively searching for a new one but the economy is just in a bad place right now so we are struggling with that. So please keep us in your prayers he finds something soon. He also got a letter in the mail from the Marine Corps and he was recalled. Which means, he has to go to a meeting on Wednesday for that and he would be getting deployed in March. If he didn't want to go that route then he could re-enlist. He will most likely be re-enlisting since who knows how long he could be deployed for, and with him re-enlisting he would get a bonus. He will make his final decision after he goes to the meeting.

The babysitter Billy goes to is awesome and we all love her but she is moving to Germany at the beginning of the year. So yet again we are on the search for a new daycare. It really sucks since she was reasonably priced and Billy LOVES it there. So hopefully we can find someone who we like and soon. 

Today I am actually going to the doctor to get put on some different medication for my depression. What I am on now is just not working for me anymore. Somedays I feel like it is making it worse and that is just not good. I hope to find something that works. 

Saturday was Ryan's grandpa's funeral. He passed away from a stroke and loss of to much blood. He was in his garage working on some sketches and got up to fast we think and fell under his stairs in the garage and was trying to grab the phone but it came unplugged. There was blood all over the place. It was such a horrible sight to see. He wasn't found for 2 days. His daughter found him which would be horrible to find your parent like that. His grandma had divorced him a few weeks prior and moved out a week before. So if she hadn't done all that he would probably still be here. The funeral itself was full of drama as expected, and on top of that Billy was cranky. So during the service me and Billy drove around the small town. I was hoping he would fall asleep, but no such luck. 

So this month has been crazy. I just hope things start calming down.


The Peoples Family said...

I am sorry to hear about your loss. You are all in my thoughts and I hope that things start looking up for you.

Nicknessaemma said...

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I hope the new medication is helping you through these hard times.